How To Escape Winter Permanently


Your plan to escape record cold and extreme winters and live a permanent vacation with financial freedom working from your sunny, warm beach front home. Forever!

stars October 1st, 2019 | By Rick Edwin

Let me out of here!!!

Sound to good to be True? Impossible? To most people the answer would be yes. Give up my job? Escape the long cold commutes in total darkness, hardly ever seeing the sun? The extreme cold weather that makes everything so difficult, from doing the groceries to just getting gas! Scientists now predict the extreme winter weather could be the new normal, the result of a weakening Polar Vortex which allows harsh, freezing air to escape the Arctic. Arrggh, and the winter just seems to go on and on.

It just can’t be possible, or it seems all too hard. And then day after day you find yourself still enduring the harsh, cold winter and a job that you don’t want to do anymore or one you can’t afford to lose. Throw in high taxes that steal your hard won cash and little vacation time, and the spiral goes forever downward without any hope of escape. It’s called the Bitter Winter Blues.

Your Escape Plan


But there is a way. A real way. A path that many thousands of people before you have gone down, and never looked back, achieving their dreams of financial freedom, relocating to the best places to escape the winter in the US where the tax man’s grip is weakest.

Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

And straight up, I am not talking about any get rich quick scheme. Because like me, you’ve probably already tried a few and they have all turned out to be crap, nothing more than expensive con jobs designed to steal your money.

I’m talking about effort, determination, drive to break out of your financial situation and the freezing climate that has held you down for so long.


So what’s the plan? How can it be done? What have so many other people done so successfully to change their lives so completely.

The Golden Age

The answer is the internet. The new Golden Age. For the first time in human history, anyone, anywhere can start a business, make money online, and do it from wherever they choose to live anywhere in the world. There are people who have relocated to Florida, or Puerto Rico, or even Majorca or Malta in the ever sunny Mediterranean Sea. We are talking about kissing those winter blues away forever, on a permanent vacation of your choice.

The internet is King. From Google to Amazon, YouTube to Facebook, the list goes on. Ordinary people are making fortunes by understanding the opportunities available, as people buy, sell and search for everything you can possibly think off, online. And that means endless opportunities in endless niches where you can stake your claim and make your fortune.


Sure, I understand that there are thousands of offers and programs out there claiming to teach you how to build an online business. Which one do you choose? Which are the frauds and the scams, and which are the real deal? To be absolutely clear, there are plenty of scams, but there is a very real, and very successful way forward.

The Answer

The answer is Clickbank. Clickbank is the number one digital marketing platform on the internet and has dominated the digital space for a decade. The products that Clickbank sell are astonishing. But the true secret to Clickbank’s success are their affiliate marketers, people like you and me. If you, as an affiliate marketer don’t make money, they don’t make money. Simple. Period. Through their training program, Clickbank University 2.0, they give you all the training and tools that you will need to succeed as a digital entrepreneur. You see, this the difference between other programs and Clickbank University 2.0. Other programs make money by selling you their programs. But Clickbank makes money by training you to be a digital marketing expert, so that you can confidently and successfully sell their products. If you don’t succeed, they don’t succeed. It’s a simple proposition, and it sets them apart from the rest. You can then apply their training to sell almost anything on the internet.


How To Make Millionaires

Clickbank is responsible for creating millionaires, but they have had their problems too. As you can tell, they had to reboot Clickbank University and create Version 2.0, but they’ve done so by learning from their mistakes and creating an even better, more powerful program devoted to your success.

You don’t need any particular skills or abilities, since the new program is designed for anyone to succeed. But there is one thing you must have. It is the key to all online success. And it is the number one thing that all successful online entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to succeed. It is drive, determination, and the deep down need to never give up. Why?


Because would you rather be here…


Or here…..?

Live the life you know you have always wanted, always deserved. Do you want to go on treading the same endless spiral of money stress, freezing cold winters, and hardly any vacation time?

It is possible, as thousands upon thousands of ordinary people have discovered for themselves.

So go ahead, click the button, give yourself hope by taking the first step.

If your ready, click the button now. And remember, nothing will ever change unless YOU take the first step…